You awake in the middle of the night to find that you are not alone. 

A small "horror" experience made for the SCREAM CITY game jam!!

There are 3 different endings to get and numerous paths, but the game is overall a short experience. I'm guessing around 5-10 minutes to get all the endings, if you read slowly.

It's not recommended you play fullscreen because uhhhh. I'm still figuring out how the whole "sizing" thing works LMAO so some of the options can be cut off in the fullscreen version of gameplay. 

The game is far more likely to work correctly if you simply download and play it. The download is a .rar so make sure you have a way to unzip it!

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Music is from Loyalty Freak Music

Snapping/Breaking SFX edited by me but originally by  Mike Koenig

Breathing/Laughter SFX by me!

Art and writing by me!


Night Light.rar 122 kB


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i thought you said you only knew how to draw cute things jkhfdhlkjafdshkjhjklasfdhfjkdsahjlk

you inspired me to reach outside of my comfort zone (and by extension everyone elses) FGKSJFD




I included my thoughts on the game here, thanks for submitting to the SCREAMCITY jam!

Hey man thank you so much for the feedback! Above all else I'm an artist, so I'm glad you liked what art was in the game!

I also appreciate the writing tips and code help - this is my first game jam game; Before this, I've only ever really dabbled with Twine, and I have little to no coding experience. I'm not surprised there's some issues with audio, ui, etc. I'll try to take the advice to heart and remember that for other projects!

Thank you, again, for making time for my game! I was blown away to see someone make a video about mine, tbh :D!